Dr. Anyeji has significant experience helping individuals, families, and other clinicians, diagnose, understand, and create effective treatment plans for issues such as ADHD, Learning Disorders, and complex psychological presentations. 

Assessment or testing is a helpful part of evaluation, treatment planning, intervention, and educational planning. Assessments are essential for the diagnosis of neuropsychological disorders such as ADHD, psychological disorders, learning disorders, and aid in differentiating overlapping diagnoses. Assessments are uniquely tailored to your needs with the goal of helping you understand you or your child’s strengths and weaknesses, how these interplay to impact current functioning, relevant diagnoses, and recommendations.

There are three steps involved in the assessment process:

  1. Assessment begins with an intake evaluation in which Dr. Anyeji and the individual or family discuss symptoms, concerns, and/or questions. During the intake session, Dr. Anyeji will explore symptoms, symptoms history, past treatment/interventions, discuss hypotheses, the assessment process, and estimated testing hours. 

  2. The next step is testing. Dr. Anyeji utilizes current assessment instruments and updated technology.  The specific hours involved in testing depend on you or your clinician’s presenting concerns and/or you or your child’s symptoms.

  3. The final process is a feedback session in which Dr. Anyeji provides the individual and or family with a easy to understand report of findings, discusses the results in an interactive process, and provides recommendations on how to proceed.