Dr. Anyeji teaches classes within the CBT framework to aid individuals in better understanding and managing their sadness and worry. The classes are interdependent, so individuals are encouraged to participate in the full 4 class sequence over a one month period for maximum benefit. The entire sequence of classes are repeated every month. See schedule of classes here . These classes are skill building lectures with skill support.  Traditional group therapy is not provided. However, this workshop often precedes engagement in group therapy and/or individual therapy and can also be done while in therapy with another licensed provider.

These workshops are a helpful introduction to patients interested in pursuing therapy, a refresher for those with a history of CBT therapy experience but are re-experiencing symptoms, those ambivalent about committing to long term therapy, and/or high functioning patients who would like education on mood management. The cost of the CBT workshop series is $150 a week.  Classes are not priced individually. Prepayment and an intake evaluation is required.